By supplying
a design render...

...You can see how the
final project will look


We use Solidworks
for our 3D CAD and
solid modelling

to provide an accurate image of the final design




Using Metalix
cncKad software

we can quickly and easily
design and process components







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 See below for the software we use for modelling, profiling, nesting and cutting


 Soildworks is an industry standard software for 3D design with the following capabilities.

  • 3D Solid modelling
  • Large assembly design
  • Sheet metal design
  • Weldments
  • Plastic and cast art design
  • Mold design
  • Electrical cable harness and conduit design
  • Piping and tubing design
  • CAD import and export 

We use soildworks for our 3D cad and solid modelling to provide an accurate image of your final design. When we have approval drawings for you to see we will send an email including a dimensioned and annotated PDF drawing, a 3D CAD document that can be rotated, zoomed and sectioned to see additional detail and a rendering to illustrate how the finished item will appear.

You will need to download and install the free eDrawings viewer software from Solidworks to open the 3D CAD document which we will provide a link for or alternatively you can download it here.


Metalix cncKad

 Metalix is a complete CAD/CAM solution which allows for several capabilities in the same module. We use this software in conjunction with our Bystronic Bysrint 3015 laser cutter to allow us to quickly and easily design and process components. Below are just a few things that the software is capable of.

  • Executes Automatic contour check and correction
  • Enables executing automatic cutting
  • Includes beam width definition and auto compensation features
  • Contains corner treatment feature
  • Allow Z axis control
  • Give full common cuts support
  • Provides cutting seed control
  • Supports wire-joints and micro-joints
  • Offers vaporization options
  • Includes marking before cutting feature
  • Incorporates material-based cutting parameters
  • Enables chain cutting
  • Comprises advanced technologies

 Some of the benifits of using cncKad are:

  • It provides a complete solution combining machine technology with engineering, programming and manufacturing requirements
  • cncKad for cutting is an efficient tool, allowing cutting time reduction, and what follows - enabling significant manufacturing costs reduction
  • It also generates short and efficient NC codes for a better and faster implementation on machine

Click the here to view Metalix's website or view video below to learn more.






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